Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What did I do when I first arrived. New Zealand working holiday #2

When I first arrived, I was a lucky girl, because I have my secondary friend there to pick me up! Ang See Yin, please give a round of applause! She deserved it! hahaha. Yin and I are both talkative, we have endless topics, and almost every topic didn't get to finish lolwtf, it is true, seriously *serious face* 

 In the return of favor, I would like to post
a picture 
which she looks better than me. 

Things that need to do. 
  1. A sim card
You need local NZ phone numbers to do everything. And it's fast. At first I use sparks, $19 combo which you can have 1GB sparks wifi everyday. 500MB a month, 1Gb facebook data a month,  if you have friends who is studying in New Zealand, apply the student extra benefit, can get another 500MB.  Unlike in Malaysia, data is cheap but in New Zealand, it's precious. T^T 

they have renewed their combo packages.. Check sparks out. 
P.s: After I got the job, I change to Skinny Direct, I want my freedom back which costs me $30 a month, 3GB and I think that's kinda a deal to me. 

      2. A Bank account. 
  • I use ANZ and only ANZ. Easy, fast efficient. Get a letter from the place you stay to prove that you are staying there. 
  • Your E-working holiday Visa print out 
  • A booking with them will make everything faster and easier. And as for me, Queenstown is full till next month wtf, So I went further north to Cromwell to get it done. Very fast. 
  • Choose EFTPOS or VISA, Visa you need to pay $10 but you can use your card to buy things online which later on you'll find it very useful. 
       3. IRD number. 
A bank statement and your passport. Got it done in post office. Wait for the IRD numbers. That's it. 

So, while waiting...... What did I do? 

 Eat. Play. Look for jobs.

 My elder sister's friend in her high school, CS and that's his wife. 

 A up close picture of him. LOL. 
They actually accompany me to find jobs, all the way to Alexandra. 
Summer is Cherries season, I wanna work in Cherry orchard, where I can eat like no one else's business. 

Of course la, I bought them simple lunch and as well as I paid for the petrol money. 
They didn't request, but I think it's a must.
I'm still very grateful of them. 
even though they have nothing to do lol wtf and going out with me is definitely more fun wtf. 

 random cat

 I found job! but it was rather late to start. It's in Dunstan Hill. The supervisor/manager was really kind, she told me to inform her earlier if I'd found other jobs. OOPS, and I did. 

 有感觉吗? 有吗有吗? 

CS and his wife, ah sou I called her, cooked me this... I feel loved. Hahahaha. 

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