Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I love my CERVIX

lol, what a striking title. haha.

Got invited by MPP of my faculty into the youthful health campaign group and saw this!

Yes! Human Papilloma Virus vaccine that prevent cervical cancer. Actually it covers more than that, vagina cancer and others but what I concern the most is CERVICAL CANCER which is top 3 killer in Malaysia Women!

I have been keen to have this vaccination since form six actually but due to cost constraint. That time when I first asked in the clinic, it would cost me around RM900 for 3 doses. Oh my god, it's expensive. I think I worked part time like a slave for half a month only can earn that money back. SO immediately cancel that thought.

But, I'm still quite aware of any campaign about HPV. Hope by any chance, I would get it cheaper.
Then our PM announced, Malaysian Girl can get it free!
Was so happy then only realised, it's a false great news because it is given free ONLY to those born after 1993 and not yet pregnant. =.=''
Then I realised, I'm not young anymore! Arrrrrggh! T_____________T I used to feel young because I'm the youngest in my small family but now, I have a lot nephews that start calling me AH YI (means Auntie) during Chinese New Year.  So, two heart breaking news in one day.

And finally, I got the cheapest deal ever now!
Thanks to FPSK, Falkuti Perubatan Sains dan Kesihatan that organised this campaign and I'm going to be benefited from it!

This is Quadrivalent HPV vaccine which can be injected to MAN also! I sent the link to one of my gay friends as genital warts can be transmitted via Men x Men AND this quadrivalent vaccine can give a  protection to those vaccinated. *The biggest changes in me is more aware to disease prevention especially to those which can be sexually transmitted. I want my high-risk-friends to be healthy always. *

And do you know 90 % anus cancer is related to HPV!!! Waaa.... cancer really can invade everywhere, the first time I heard of anus cancer. *shallow me #shame *

If you are a UPM staff, UPM students, Don't miss this chance to get this cheapest deal!
Especially if you are a girl, you should be protected against cervical cancer! Love you cervix, love your health hahahaha

Register now!
Let me know if you want, because it's a closed group that only UPM staff or students can join and register.

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